+'Tis the time for "Best of 2000s" lists, and Complex, your one-stop, half-upside-down spot for neat and often limited edition things to buy, has a fun one: the Top 100 Sneakers of the 2000s. The interface is annoying--you have to click through each sneaker individually--but the idea of a bunch of guys keeping a database of all the sneakers released in the past nine years is somewhat amusing.

+Over at Newly Lost Edge, Gamall links to 25 classic Northern Soul tunes.

+UC Press--which, incidentally, is having its big fall sale--recently released Exilee and Temps Morts a beautiful volume of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's uncollected/unpublished works. Great introductory essay by Ed Park, too.

+From Bookforum's excellent blog: "a theory of evolution for technology"