Thursday Mixes

As Sam from Allez-Allez puts it: Love is Strange.

Iron Leg is hosting a "Super Duper Folk Rock Psychedelic Fuzz Dance Party"

Some soul and funk gems for these last days of summer over at Funky 16 Corners.

From Matos: pretty intriguing mix by Brackles. "Jittery" and "all over the place" about describes it.

At this point, I'm really just pasting house links from Orlov's blog and Twitter feed. His latest pick--a mix from the half-Cologne, half-Berlin Dirt Crew--is class.

At Get Down (via Soul-Sides): a DJ Muro mix of classic Isaac Hayes samples.

While we're on the subject of Soul-Sides: they have links to two nice mini-mixes. One is from London's Horse Meat Disco crew and the other highlights the Black Rio 2: Samba Soul comp of Brazilian soul and funk.