Inauspicious Beginnings

I've been reading through the Kennedy obits today. I think Tim Noah's is the best that I've read:

Talk about inauspicious beginnings. At the tender age of 30, the youngest sibling of President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy seemed pathetically unqualified to enter the U.S. Senate. Teddy was the runt of the Kennedy litter. Suspended from Harvard after he'd gotten caught having a football teammate take a Spanish exam in his place, Ted had subsequently been steered by his father away from service in the Korean War, serving instead as a NATO honor guard in Paris and never advancing beyond private first class. "We tried to keep everything more or less equal," a somewhat apologetic Rose Kennedy later said of Ted's upbringing, but you wonder if the mother and father aren't quite tired when the ninth one comes along. You have to make more of an effort to tell bedtime stories and be interested in swimming matches. There were 17 years between my oldest and youngest child, and I had been telling bedtime stories for 20 years.