In The Mail Today...

Daniel Walker Howe's What God Hath Wrought. So many damn books around this place. I swear I'm becoming my Dad. When I was a kid, there wasn't a single room in our house--save the kitchen and the bathroom--without bookshelves, and books on them.

Anyway, here's my plan--Get to The Glorious Cause next, then Empire Of Liberty, and finally What God Hath Wrought. At that point, I expect to have some basic understanding of this country's early history. I also expect to be able to levitate, move tables with my mind, and make women fall out in ecstasy at the mere sighting of my big, sexy, chess club brain. OK, so levitating tables might be a stretch.

Also, based largely on the response to this post, I signed up for a sketching class. I don't expect to get very good. But, as you can imagine, this Civil War stuff has flooded me with imagery. I need to get some of it out, in some noticeable form.

What are you guys reading, these days?