Echoes Of The Crack Age

Man, En Vogue takes me back to puberty--or rather the onset. It's something to be a young boy, to like girls, and then to start to fully feel what "like" means. TV On The Radio compares it to lycanthropy.

Don't get me wrong--this is a great song. But I saw this video, those skirts, those curves and thought, "I know everything about the world. It's all right here." Of course I was wrong, but I was overcome by their sheer physicality. There's a young guy in "Door In The Floor" talking to Kim Basinger before they commence their affair. She's asking him about sex and says something like, "I guess that's all young men want." And he simply says, "Yes. Before I die."

There in New England, somewhere. But that line captures being a 14-year old male, in West Baltimore in 1989. "Yes. Before I die..."