Thursday Mixes

"We still do it real old school:" JBX playing 70s soul on WNYU's "Downtown Affair"

Thanks to P i  o  t r: Maayan Nidam's captivating set of gliding strings, clackety cowbells, jazz-funk bass-lines and renegade synths over at Resident Advisor

And thanks to Matos for alerting me to this intensely out-there set from nsi. from a couple weeks back. As he described it:

I write for Resident Advisor and listen to the podcasts every week--or I leave them for a couple and then catch up. That's what I'm doing now with the nsi. from last week. It's a 49-minute live set, it's the kind of thing pop fans will find horribly self-indulgent, it hits my experimental and spooky and dry psychedelia buttons perfectly, it has an absolute sense of place, and it's one of my favorite recordings of the year.

* * *
And if you want to see something cool: