Thursday mixes

Jared (Big City/Bumpshop) on WNYU's "Downtown Affair" with a ridiculous 70s soul mix

Africa by way of Chicago by way of the future, House all the same: Portable vs. Bodycode (they're both the same dude) podcast

And via Piotr: Asaf's excellent boogie, disco and synth bombs over at 100 Limousines (New World's "We're Gonna Make It" = the jam)

Speaking of Jared, New World and good music... New Yorkers: last-ever (?) Bumpshop party this Saturday. It's going to be great.

Okay, a couple more MJ-related bits...

Via Ed: soft-spoken Jackson brotherly banter (...does Tito say 'archery?')

And someone finally put this up: