...is that he has no sense of context and timing. By now you guys have heard about Steele's crack about "fried chicken and potato salad" as a means of diversifying the GOP. Now, I'm a fan of fried chicken and potato salad. The two go together like burgers and buns. I'm also a fan of off-color jokes--this is precisely the sort of quip I would make to my very integrated readership here.

But I wouldn't make that joke while speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I wouldn't make that joke in a meeting with my editors, all of whom are white. And I certainly wouldn't make that joke were a member of a party where prominent members think "Barack the Magic Negro" is funny. Or in a party where prominent members belong to country clubs that exclude blacks. Or in a party where Jeff Sessions is charged with protecting white men against the scourge Puerto-Rican domination. Context, Brother Mike. Context.

And now for more fried chicken jokes...

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