Andrew notes that there is no mention of race in the phone-call, but that Crowley put it in the police report. I'm not immediately sure why that's significant, beyond the fact that people need to stop acting like police reports are indisputable fact.

What's more disturbing is that the woman was, apparently, calling on behalf of older woman, who herself hadn't lived in the neighborhood for long. Again, she's not wrong. But the cop comes in with half of a story,  assuming the worst. And then it goes from there.

It's very hard for me to accept, that with these facts, that the officer acted did not act stupidly and indeed, by his lights, did what exactly what he was supposed to do. It is very hard for me to accept that 59 year old dude with a cane, has as much responsibility in this situation as man, empowered by law, to carry a gun and arrest people. The argument seems to be that greater power does not actually bring greater responsibility.

I'm very curious as to whether Gates actually made that "Your momma" crack. He is claiming that he did not.