Songs That You Loved That May, In Fact, Suck

Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road" came on the other day in the barber shop. Every fool in Baltimore had that joint on his slow jams tape circa 92. I'd throw something like "Distant Lover" on there too, so the shorties would understand that I was deep. But of course I had "End Of The Road" on there--right after En Vouge's "Don't Go." (The way old girl started, "I'm so glad to see you..." said so much back then.)

I still thing "Don't Go" is decent. But "End Of The Road," eh....I'd say I'm getting old, but a lot of the 90s joints hold up--I still love Jodeci's "Stay." Or there may just be no acconting for taste.

One problem with all these R&B joints is how precipitously lyrics fell off in the early 90s. It's like all the great lyricists became MCs. I'm saying, what happened to "Voyage To Atlantis?" Oh right, he's Mr. Big now.