It's funny. A few weeks ago I was watching Al Roker ream out Spencer and Heidi. Roker was all incredulous and attacking them for basically doing anything to be famous, without noting that they were all on the same network.

I love watching these "respectable" journalists get all indignant with provocateurs that they invite on their show--like they actual thought the guests would be sensible. Dig Michelle Malkin below, and Matt Lauer who is shocked--Shocked!--to discover that Malkin thinks, among other things, that the Gates question was planted and Michelle Obama's entire professional career was based on nepotism. That last part is almost a verbatim quote.

I know who Michelle Malkin is. But I left the interview wondering about Matt Lauer.  And you can leave this post wondering about me, given that, you know, I actually know who Spencer and Heidi are...