Don't Be The Next Contestant On That Summer-Jam Screen

I know there are people out there feeding this idea that Palin is a formidable presidential opponent. They are delusional:

Perhaps more vexing for Palin's national political aspirations, however, is that 57 percent of Americans say she does not understand complex issues, while 37 percent think she does, a nine-percentage-point drop from a poll conducted in September just before her debate with now-Vice President Biden. The biggest decline on the question came among Republicans, nearly four in 10 of whom now say she does not understand complex issues. That figure is 70 percent among Democrats and 58 percent among independents.

When 40 percent of your base thinks you don't understand the issues, I think you'll have trouble getting out of the primary. She should not run. She should take the family time, she claimed to be so interested in.

What people quickly forget is that Palin hasn't actually done top-billing on a national campaign. The cold light of constant media attention and debates will be brutal. I guess she could, somehow, make it out the primary. But that would be a statement on the truly fallen state of the GOP.