Also Thursday At The Met


Judith by Jean-Joseph Benjamin Constant. Kenyatta looked at this one, and Salome yesterday and said she has some idea of the sort of woman who I'd be with, if not her--a Puerto-Rican honey, with body. Not really. A Puerto-Rican honey, with body, who liked swords. Or a cross-dresser.

Anyway, above is Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage. I actually didn't know what I thought of this. I loved the portrait itself, but had mixed emotions about the chaos in the background. The more I think on it though, the more I think the chaos had a point.

The saddest thing about hanging out at Art Museums is that I really can't get into the history of this stuff right now. In fact, I don't think I'll be able to for another five years or so. It may be good to check out some docs .