The Worst Thing About Marvel Comics

Nothing ever matters:

Captain America is rising from the grave. The Marvel Comics superhero returns for the five-part series "Captain America Reborn," beginning July 1.

But Marvel won't disclose how he rises from the dead. Executive Editor Tom Brevoort teases that the character has been "on a Vonnegut-esque metaphysical journey," including some soul-searching about his place in the world.

It always amazes me that writers don't get the power of dead characters. Gwen Stacy may have exerted more influence over Spiderman from the grave, than she did alive. She certainly exerted more influence dead, then she did as a clone. I get the Cap is flagship character--then don't kill him in the first place. I also get that it's commercial move to drive sales. But at some point brand degradation kicks in. If you're going to kill main characters, only to resurrect them later, why should we care in the first place?