The End Of The Black-Jewish Alliance!

A friendly e-mailer pulled together some GSS data on blacks and Jews, and how we feel about marrying each other.

19 percent of blacks "oppose" or "strongly oppose" a relative marrying someone Jewish, while 31 percent favor or "favor" or "strongly favor" the unions. The remaining 50 percent of blacks don't care.

38 percent of Jews either "oppose" or "strongly oppose" one of their relatives marrying someone black. 22 percent "favor" or "strongly favor" the unions. 23 percent of Jews don't care.

Opinion polls are opinion polls, existing with all the caveats. But that said, I don't find any of this very surprising. One interesting side-note, is that opposition to marriage toward "Southern whites" among blacks is at 38 percent. God knows what it is if you asked Southern whites about blacks.