Leaving The Lost Cause To Others

Even, as I read over that post, I keep trying to get into the head of the other side. It's a sick impulse in me. The picture from yesterday's post is cropped from a larger portrait of USCT soldiers. I've made it the wallpaper on my PC here at home.

Anyway, I was looking at the picture wondering what it must have been to be a white supremacists, to truly believe the mythology, and see these guys charging at you with guns. What was that like? Was it like watching a dog talk? Or was it all a self-serving lie? Did they never really believe blacks were inhuman, that they would not fight?

American history, to its credit, instance after instance of watching white supremacy defeated. At those moments, I wonder how it felt. To see Jack Johnson take out White Hope after White Hope, to watch King and bunch of students destroy segregation, to see Obama now...

Nothing in my experience, or my reading, says that black people ever fully bought into the notions of subhumanity. But for people who truly believe, what does it feel like? Or do they never believe at all? Any recovering white supremacists out there who wanna talk?