Echoes Of The Bubblegum Age

My mother hated Billie Jean. I was seven when this joint came out, and whenever it came on the radio she'd look at me really hard and say, "If you did it with her boy, it is your son." One of the reasons I'm so blunt and open here is because that's really how I came up. Moms did not play. Plus Mike had a nose-job and a curl.

But this joint was hot. I've been banging this album a lot lately, and have concluded that it is, arguably, the greatest pop culture achievement in history. Just my humble opinion. The album is so great that joints that would be highlights on other albums, are just seen as filler on Thriller.  "Baby Be Mine" is incredible.

I remember when this came out, and all the kids who'd been lucky enough to stay up and see Friday Night Videos came to school bragging about it. You couldn't get cable in Baltimore back then. Fools were like, "Yo, every time he took a step the stones would glow! And then when he went invisible the stones kept glowing!!" We thought Mike could save us all. We hadn't heard BDP yet.

I chose this instead of the old joint because it makes me sad. Mike used to be beautiful. My sister Kelly just knew she was marrying him. And he danced so smooth and easy. I hate to think that what gave him that ability, was the same thing that ruined him. I remember watching this a few years back and thinking, "Goddamn, he's still got it. Amazing." Watch the end when he murders em b-boy style.