The Mail He Carried With Him

Some awesome entries from the Inbox today:

Can you write an article...any article. Without mentioning race?  No one really gives a crap about your race. Just write something that's informative.  We or at least I get it. You are not white. No one cares. Every single thing that happens in this world is not about race. You are doing a disservice to yourself and this web site.  I stopped reading your articles. Once in a while I check back and's about you... not being white...

Well, no. It's about you...not being black...

Here's a more benevolent one:

Its very simple. As a a recent convert to your blog (being a huge reader of your neighbor Andrew), I have learned more about race in three weeks than Lord knows how many years.

Its nice to hear your voice. Franklin Douglass would be proud that the baton was passed to you.

You're now on my mac toolbar. Pressure's on! heh heh heh Keep up the good work.

White people: I appreciate your patronage. In fact, you comprise most of my audience. My black readers are cool, but I deeply suspect that none of them bought my book. Plus Negroes don't click through ads.

That said, I do have one request--I'ma need for ya'll to not call Frederick Douglass, Franklin Douglass. The man was too bad-ass for that. Give em his 'spect.