Lookout Weekend

Some random links (many of which are probably days, weeks, even months old):

-For many it is a time of austerity. For Monocole, it's an opportunity to rethink retail. (The Monocole issue is subscriber-only; this link takes you to PSFK's excellent marketing/ideas blog.)

-Also at Monocole, and related to my earlier post on limited edition culture: a limited edition book (by Alain de Botton) on the pleasures/sorrows of work.

-Finally: a worldwide platform for those who despise the font "Comic Sans" (Spotted over at Suite 2046.)

-There are more babies in the U.S named "Beckham" than "Barack."

-"Actual mustard growers" don't seem to care about the President's condiment choices. Former UCLA standout Dijon Thompson unavailable for comment.

* * *