Lefty Fan-Boy Time

I really hope these fools listen to Pat Buchanan. I'd love to see them push  the argument that a Latina who goes from the the South Bronx to Princeton summa cum laude, who has more time on the bench than of the people serving had when they were nominated, who was nominated to the bench by a Republican, is an unqualified Affirmative Action pick.

My sense is that they aren't that stupid--at least in the Senate. Michael Steele and his band are another story. But, after thinking about this some more today, I'd actually be shocked if the GOP fought this the way Buchanan wants them to fight it.

On another note, maybe that Rosen piece was some sort of stealth liberal tactic. It really would be a disaster (for them, not us) to go around (as Buchanan does here) claiming this woman isn't that smart.