Kode9 on Futurism and Music

What's still interesting and valid in futurism is just a desire to make and hear something, and combine and synthesize things that will produce new sensations, new feelings, new rhythms. That's the core of futurism for me, not some fantasy of how the future is going to be. The minute you hear someone trying to get squiggly with a guitar, you can't help but see a fucking guitarist doing it. But a synth, because the sound is more abstract, because it's not made by someone hitting something, it's someone modulating a current, it's a more abstract sound, so it's coming to you less overcoded with the image of the person making it. So the 'worm' can manifest itself in its true alien glory.

Kode9 (from the May 2009 issue of The Wire)

And the "worm" in question: