Especially The Blacks And The Jews...

Received this note yesterday, and I think it presents it an excellent opportunity to expand my portfolio:

Someone still needs to set up a Blacks-n-Jews matchmaking service.
 Clearly, that someone should be you.  The Onion has personals,
presumably for folks who want to date someone with a similar sense of
humor - likewise, sort of, your blog could really fill a niche by
targeting Black-Jewish unions, the subject of some great posts (okay,
not always romantic unions, but just go with me on the theme).  I
really think you're in a great position to pull this alliance even

Give it some thought.

Hah. You guys are free to do you in the comment sections. Just keep it clean. One thing I'd like to see some data on is, in terms of interracial relationships, are blacks any more likely to hook up with Jews than whites of other ethnic backgrounds? I suspect not. I think living in the Northeast will play tricks on your eyes.