A Warcraft Memorial Day

There were a couple of redeeming features to my Memorial Day--I knocked out my morning run in Central Park. I knocked out a solid 50 pages of A Nation Under Our Feet. I cooked dinner.

But on the whole, it was straight nerd debauchery around these parts as I spent most of Memorial Day raiding in Naxx. It was insane. If you ever want to lose weight, try playing a marathon WoW session. I ate at like 11 and then didn't eat again until like 8:30 that night--Diet Coke doesn't count.

It was a good raid. I've started tanking recently, and I did OK for the most part. We were running ten-man and (no disrespect to my guildies) it was mostly our B-team, in terms of gear. We could not get Kel'Thuzad down. That ice-block was just too devastating.

I think all told I put a solid eight hours, easily breaking my "longest WoW session" record. It really is something to spend that sort of time, via TeamSpeak, with a bunch of people you've never met in person. And yet the numbers keep growing. I can't tell you how many people approach me, when I'm traveling for the book, and either note that they play, or complain about their husband playing.