When I Get Challenged By A Million MCs

Seeing KRS-ONE used to a rite of passage--like going to Mecca. I saw him circa 95 at The Ritz in D.C. Kool G Rap was supposed to open up, but didn't show. Kris existed in our minds as a kind of myth, so much so that when he came out on stage, and they played the baseline to The Bridge Is Over he didn't even have to say anything. He just kind of stood there and looked at the crowd which was going nuts. Something about the first few bars. They just take you to another place. Needless to say he gave a great show.

Many years later I saw Bjork, and was convinced that hip-hop, live, just couldn't compete. I mean this chick was out on Coney Island, the ocean at her back, fireworks going off in the distance, jets of flame shooting up whenever she bellowed "state of emregency" from "Joga." Meanwhile some dude was cutting on the turntables, and she had a string section doing work. Was amazing. Still a KRS show holds a special place in my heart. Maybe we shouldn't compare. But what the hell. I'm no fucking Bhuddist.