Tortured Logic

I think we'll talk about torture quite a bit today--lotta thoughts swimming around after digesting it all this week. I think people should read this post by Andrew. It contains one of the ugliest statements I've heard made in relation to the War On Terror:

So we had Deroy Murdock in one of the most repulsive columns ever printed in that magazine declaring:

Waterboarding is something of which every American should be proud.

Not reluctantly forced to contemplate torture in the last act of desperation to save mass death. But proud. Nonetheless, Murdock was at pains to tell us:

But the bigger point that Andrew makes is that even after the Justice Department set parameters for torture, the CIA still violated them.  Khalid Shiek Muhammad was waterboarded 183 times in one month--roughly six times a day, and more than double the number of times that a sympathetic Justice Department said was legal.

It would boggle the mind if it didn't make so much sense. This is what happens when you cross over to the "dark side." When you embrace the tactics of those you decry. The law exists to curb the worst instincts of men. Why would anyone think that once those boundaries are crossed, newly erected boundaries will be respected? You can't regulate "the dark side." That's why they call it the dark side.