I think just a few notches below "I can take a phrase that's rarely heard\Flip it, now it's a daily word," is "We knew from the start, that things fall apart and tend to shatter..."

Heh, when me and Kenyatta first hooked up we used to always say that. Like all couples there's a kind of risk involved, and we weren't sure what would happen. But the only way to make it work was to leap into it violently, to go all in like Atwater on Okoye. And then there's Samori. Unplanned for, but there it was--we're in our early 20s, dangerously in love, and now there's someone growing between us. I wish I could tell you that there was something solemn, deep, profound and spiritual that pushed us forward.

There were a lot of conversations. But more than anything I think it was the spirit of adventure that bonds us. It was less a feeling of being awed by the beauty of life, than a kind of "What the hell, right? We're all going to fall apart and shatter anyway--let's go for it." Yeah, not exactly great family planning. And yet now I think that worse things could have come of such randomness.

That line "things fall apart and tend to shatter" has a deep resonance of death to it. But it's a great statement on the human condition, this idea that though everything we are will one day be wiped from all existence, we act anyway. Not a thing we do ultimately matters, and yet we act. Meh, better men than me have tackled this one. But I love that line because it's so much bigger than itself. The video's pretty awesome too.