John Cole summarizes Lou Dobbs:

First, he is mad because Obama "fired" Wagoner.

Then he weeps for the future of capitalism with the government involved like this.

Then he gets mad because Obama doesn't know how to handle this crisis and isn't doing more.

Then he is mad because Obama didn't fire the head of the UAW.

And then he is mad because Obama might require the unions to make concessions.

And then he is mad because the Obama team is not doing enough for the traditional economy (which I guess is the economy outside of the financial markets and not having to do with the auto industry but doesn't involve concessions for blue collar workers).

And that was in one 5 minute portion of the show. No mention that half the things that upset him are at odds with the other things that upset him.

I've come to the conclusion that Lou Dobbs is just barking mad. CNN, it is time to put the crazy uncle out to pasture.

Dobbs has never been for me. But I've caught him on TV a couple times, when I was traveling. Am I hallucinating, or has he actually gotten angrier? It's pretty amazing.

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