I Reserve The Right To Be Late

Which I am with this portrait. I think funniest response I've seen to the new First Lady is this:

Some of the adolescence on the House floor could be chalked up to excitement. Even the Republicans went gaga.

When Michelle Obama walked in, one young Republican House member turned to a colleague and mouthed, "Babe."

It's been said that Obama's presidency means black people can't complain anymore. I've issued a rather different dictum in my household--With the elevation of Michelle Obama, dark skin shorties are no longer allowed to talk about high yallars, good hair, and redbones. That ain't held weight since A.J. Johnson slayed Tisha Campbell, sinceĀ  the Jungle Brothers got on that "Blacker the berry\Sweeter the juice" tip. That "Sexy young ladies of the light skin breed" line deaded Kane's career. All whining about how hard the darker female side is official banned in my home. Now, if only I could enforce that edict...

Anyway, here's your first lady.