Hey Ladies...

I'm sure there are some real hotties who frequent this blog. I am aware of the effect I have on women. All the Jennies love a Star Trek fan who spends his days listening to MF Doom, playing WoW, and bragging about having a kid when he was 24 (making me practically a teen parent) and not marrying the mother. Teh Sexah, indeed.

But even if it wasn't locked down, I can't see myself going where Ann Althouse has gone. I don't disapprove (who cares if I do?) but I'd be too scared.

It's funny because I've actually seen relationships come out of online gaming. When I used to play Everquest back in the day, I ran with two Wood Elves (I was a Euridite wizard. Even when I'm fantasizing, I'm a black nerd) who were hooked up in real life. I only figured this out as I hung out with them more. Whenever we'd go to Karnor's or the City Of Mist, this dude would follow us. Later the couple told me the dude was the girl's ex--in real life. They used to game together, but she met this other dude (the other Wood Elf) and left her man to move in with him. That just blew me away--but it really shouldn't. Virtual communication is a lot like real communication.

Anyway, if teh ladies weren't sweating me before this post, having heard me hold forth on Wood Elf mating rituals should do the trick. You may now mob me. I'm all yours.