Folks always note my penchant for announcing my public appearances at the last possible instant. (Reading in Cumberland, Maryland in two minutes! Catch it if you can!!) In an attempt to actually get people to come out, I'm offering advance warning. Next Tuesday evening I'll be in Brooklyn, at the Court Street Barnes & Nobles, reading with Adam Mansbach. I'll be, as always, hawking copies of The Beautiful Struggle.

Sorta. Actually, I'll also be previewing a project I'm working on--The Beautiful Remix. The idea is to take a few chapters from my book and do what Kid Hood did for Tribe in 92. Could be shockingly awesome and revealing. Could be shockingly derivative and redundant. Who knows until it's done. I'm not even sure how I, or if, I'm going to publish it. I may just throw it up on the blog. The more important point is that I'm having fun working on it, which is really all that matters. Takes me back to being a 16 again, when all I wanted was to do something like this. Feh, who am I kidding, even today, all I want is to do something like this.

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