That's Racism!!11ONE

No one cares what would happen if Michael Phelps were black--which doesn't mean we aren't above racial hypotheticals. Negro please, you know how I get down--the only thing I like integrated is my coffee. And the Atlantic blog-roll. As long as those checks keep clearing. So here's a hypothetical for that ass, courtesy of one of my readers:

I know you're not big on that Michael Phelps thought experiment --- but here's another one for consideration: How much more abuse would that single mom out in California who the octuplets on top of her other six kids be subjected to if she were black?

The reaction could be summarized in three words--Get A Rope. But a much more interesting question isn't what she would be subjected to, but what all the rest of us would be subjected to. In other words, the key difference isn't in the treatment this woman has been getting, (all jokes aside, it's tough to imagine it getting much worse than death threats) but in the fact that if she were black, there would almost certainly be a debate about black people our out of control kids. In other words, Nadya Suleman has the privilege of standing as an individual, of not having the burden--or honor, really--of having to represent. Indeed, we will know we're in the Promised Land when a black woman can have 8 kids, apply for food stamps, start up a website asking for help, and not be used as a cudgel to bash the rest of us.

Video of Suleman below...