I'd read about this Michael Steele comment, but didn't realize how stupid it was until I actually watched it. You'd think Steele would have backed off his "not in the history of mankind has government created a job" argument. But he's actually advancing it claiming that government creates "work" and "contracts" which don't count as jobs. Good to know that I'm technically unemployed, since I'm on contract with The Atlantic. Also good to know that my mother, who's worked in the public school system all her life, has never actually had a job.

Look, I get that there's a case to be made against simply doling out money for people to do work that we don't actually need. But this isn't it and Steele isn't the dude to make the case. No one knows more about make-work than him. Steele is operating in this fantasy world where businesses never fail and never have to lay anyone off. I don't know much about econ. But I can recognize a guy who's just as clueless as I am.

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