So MSNBC Marc is reporting that Judd Gregg is withdrawing his nomination as Commerce secretary. I think there will be people who will look at this as another failure of bipartisanship. I have a slightly different notion. Bringing Republicans on board will not be achieved simply by inviting them over for drinks--though that is a critical step. It will be achieved by being right. If the stimulus works, I'm betting that Obama will find himself with a lot more GOP allies in Congress.

Think on the Iraq War. Bipartisanship was achieved in a terrible way, in large measure because a lot of Dems were scared of being wrong. They feared a political repeat of Desert Storm. Obama doesn't need GOP support for this bill. He may need it later. What he needs now, is to be successful. Like I said, I'm not the best guy on the economy. But I feel better about my mans and them, then I do about the kids who claims teachers don't actually have jobs.

No the taskmasters didn't make me change the credit. I'd just rather give props to one of my own.

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