Gold teeth and a curse for this town

Heh, Adam busts shots at Micheal Steele. And just for good measure, bystander Maureen Dowd gets touched:

I'm guessing most people reacted to Steele's comments with either confusion or laughter, which is actually a sign of progress in race relations. As for Steele, he happens to be the chairman of a political party that is really  desperate for a few black friends, so to them his reference to "bling bling" must have seemed terribly "hip". 

Naturally, Maureen Dowd was really impressed.

It wasn't only that Americans' already threadbare trust has been ripped by Hank Paulson's mumbo-jumbo and the Democrats' bad judgment in accessorizing the stimulus bill with Grammy-level "bling, bling," as the R.N.C. chairman, Michael Steele, called it.
The fact that Dowd thought Steele's use of the term "bling bling," a term that became archaic the moment television anchors started using it, was so cool that she had to quote it says more about her than it does about the stimulus bill, about which it says less than nothing.

Also, on an unrelated note, it's true. I do listen to The Shins.