You know the NAACP is in trouble...

When your boy gets nominated for an "Image Award." Man listen: The kid boasts the sort of resume that sends respectable blacks into anaphylactic shock. Let's do a run down here:

--Born out wedlock. Check!

--Has brothers and sisters by different mothers. Check!

--Was kicked out of high school. Check!

--Dropped out of college. Check!

--Bad grammar. Check!

--Happily continued the cycle of having children out of wedlock, Check!!

--Lives in sin. CheckCheck!!!

--Has not been to church--in, well, almost ever. Check!

--Uses the word nigger. CheckityCheckCheck!!

--Uses the word conversate, then attempts to legitimize it. Check!

If only I'd done a bid, the cipher would be complete. But I'm from Baltimore. I think that counts.

There's a part of me that wants to say to the NAACP--Do I look like a role model? But it's a really, really, really small part. The truth of the matter is that I'm highly amused. But the deeper truth is that I'm honored. All I ever wanted to do, was represent for my folk. Now get out here, before I start losing my edge. Someone send me a Bobby Rush clip. Fast.