Crack reporters from Atlantic media were able to get their hands on some notes scrawled by radical Christian, Marxist Muslim, spawn of the Lich-King, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Handwritten beneath the disturbing stationary logo, pictured above, was the following:

1.) Our new immigration policy shall be the conquest of Mexico. What you thought I forgot about those stamps? Run your country, fool.

2.) Poland. My finger is on the button. Start running. You too Italy. Anyone else wanna radiate?
3.) Anyone who worked on the McCain campaign must immediately carve a B in their face. The B stands for Bitch--bitches.

4.) All diplomatic ties to Israel are now severed. You killed my teacher!!!! Wait, I'm supposed to be a radical Christian....You killed my teacher!!!

Mmmmm. Smells like postracialism!

UPDATE: Sorry guys. Didn't even realize this was closed. Open now.

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