Looking for a way to talk about Battlestar

I keep getting notes from people asking me to speak on the series. Here is the problem--I've never watched it. Yes revoke my geek-pass right now. What can I say? I have many realms to administer to--the NFL, black folks, Obama, liberals, X-Men. Sometimes my attention lapses. I have no doubt that this lapse is a grievous one, which I will begin repairing this week. But I want to start from the beginning, so I can't talk about this season.

But I know you guys are interested. So here's what we'll do. Once a week, like with the NFL, I'll just open it up and let you guys go. I won't read the comments, so as not to spoil things for me. I will be relying on you guys to regulate trolling. If you see any, e-mail me, and I'll deal.

So there it is. Have at it folks.