Keep on having that party...

Via Andrew, Rod Dreher proves himself perceptive as ever:

In his latest video dispatch from the war zone in southern Israel, Joe the Plumber accuses an Israeli journalist of not being pro-Israeli. If I were a liberal now, I'd be paying cash money to keep this asinine experiment keepin' on.

Hell yeah. And it ain't just him. It's the "writer" who thinks the way to advance the cause is to attack Michelle Obama for wearing fake pearls, or the guy who would be RNC chair who thinks its smart to send of Barack the Magic Negro CDs, or the Bush era "voitng rights" official who likes to crack racist jokes about white people, or the dude who would be RNC chair who thinks gays can restrain their urges to, uhm, be who they are. Roflerz. As a good little liberal, let me do my part and urge these guys on. So go ahead, Joe the Plumber, Ann Coulter, and Magic Negro guy. By all means, Do You. And whatever you do, please, keep on having that party.