If ever we needed an open thread...

It's today. Consider this your open inaugural thread. I'll be quasi-live-blogging.

12:17 I think I've heard too many Obama speeches. I'm unmoved. It's not his fault.He sounds awesome as ever. But I've seen this too many times, I think.

12:05 Oh man. Let's go.

11:35 Dick Cheney rolls through. Que the Darth Vader theme music.

11:31 So what do we think of the dress?

11:16 Clinton looked pissed? Were they just beefing? And whats up with H.W. and Barbara's purple scarves?

11:00 Watching ABC. I don't know how these guys keep talking.

10:57 Kenyatta has announced that she will buy--and fly--an American flag today.

10:54 And now the Obama car. Man look a that motorcade. Pennsy Ave. never looked so good.

10:47 Cheney in a wheel-chair. Not as gratifying as I thought it would be.