The last chapter in me and my Pops discussion of Michelle Obama. In this one we discuss the differences in terms of being a black woman occupying that position. Weirdly, I tend to think the hardest part (the campaign) is over. I think it's clear I'm somewhat enchanted by this whole thing. But frankly, I really expect Michelle Obama to do well. I think the "angry black woman" bit is overstated amongst journalists looking for a narrative, right-wingers looking for a line of attack, and black people who (understandably) are just afraid.

I read a lot of Michelle Obama profiles, in the course of writing this piece, and one thing stuck out--folks were shocked about how much she ribbed her husband. There was a subtext that implied that she wasn't very lady-like. I kept wondering whether the reporters had met any women, ever, or whether they'd ever watched an episode of Alice.

How will race complicate things? Who can tell. There's nothing post-racial about me. But I've underestimated white people once. I'm trying not to do it again.

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