World of Warcraft is now allowing sex-changes...

Yeah, they really are. I'm actually playing as a belf chick now, and a week ago, I would have gladly welcomed the chance to wear the pants again. But then something happened. The other day I was doing some PvP in Alterac Valley, when I got into it withe a fellow hordie who kept whining about paladins. It got pretty heated, to the point that I told him I wish I was till Alliance so I could come and kill him. Yeesh. He was prolly a 13 year old kid--at least judging by his response, which was "Get back in the kitchen. Hoes don't play Warcraft!"

It then occurred to me that I, for the first time in my life, had been the target of a sexist remark. And then I started seeing the cool thing about playing a girl in an MMO, the chance to experience life through the eyes of someone else. You guys know me--I'm all about seeing the world in other ways. This is, of course, an imperfect experience--half the chicks running around in WoW are kids who want to watch the back-side of a draenei while the farm. Still--no one ever whistled at my human priest, I just wish that I could have dueled that kid. I would have sonned his ass. Or daughtered him. Whatever.

Anyway, this just gives me an excuse to rock that old Xzibit joint. Your flow remind me of a blogger that I just don't feel\Same style and delivery, might as well have his grill...Please avoid if you don't like profanity.