Where I get off the "old-school hip-hop" train

Been meaning to post about this since I saw it last week. I'm months late as usual. As I've said I'm old. Please don't throw stones. I just couldn't let the year end without commenting on 50-year old rapper/actor/millionaire (right?) Ice T telling a 17 year old kid to "eat a dick." Please watch the two videos below. I love Power, but it really is amazing to hear a guy whose contribution to the canon include the allusive "Girls Lets Get Butt Naked and Fuck" or the meditative "Cop-Killer," tell a 17-year old kid that he's ruining hip-hop. I actually thought Souljah Boy's rant was quite sensible.

Seriously why all that beef shit is played. When you're like 18 yelling "The Bridge Is Over" it's cool. When you're 50, telling someone who could be your grandson, "Eat a dick," this thing has gone too far. I mean fools ain't even making songs anymore. It's just pettiness via YouTube. That said, there's something deep about the fact that Souljah Boy is just using his webcam, cutting Ice T with Wikipedia, while the OG is working the tripod and the played-out Iverson jersey.