And just want to close ranks:

In the 110th Congress, there were 236 Democrats in the U.S. House, 49 in the Senate, and two "Independents" who caucused with Democrats. Of those 287 congresscritters, 74 were members of the New Democratic Coalition, which is affiliated with the DLC. Overall, 25.8% of the Democratic members of the 110th Congress were openly affiliated with the DLC. An additional 31 members of Congress are affiliated with the Blue Dogs, but not with the New Democratic Coalition. If the Blue Dogs are included, the overall DLC-Blue Dog membership in of Democratic congresscritters increases to 36.6%, and 38.1% in the House.

Now, compare this to Obama's cabinet selections. Of the eighteen cabinet members (not counting Joe Biden, who I have seen listed as a cabinet member at times), sixteen are Democrats. Of those sixteen, eight are affiliated with the DLC, or 50%. Obama's Democratic cabinet selections have twice the DLC representation of the Democratic membership of Congress. This list does not include Rahm Emanuel, who will be the first White House Chief of Staff during the Obama administration. Nor does it include national security advisor Jim Jones, who supported McCain during the election.

That's Chris Bowers asserting that Obama's cabinet is actually to the right of congressional Democrats. Leave aside the statistical problems of comparing a group of hundreds, with a group of 16. Leave aside that Bowers doesn't include Obama's White House staff. Leave aside that the source for that contention that half of Obama administration is the DLC, comes from Politico. And how does Politico know that half of the new administration is DLC? Why the DLC told them, of course! And the DLC has no incentive at all to inflate their importance. No, they'd never do that.

Leaving all that aside, this just feels like a kind of tokenism which ultimately says nothing about policy. And where does all this head-counting leave us?. At war with Bill Richardson? Outraged that Tom Daschle addressed the DLC? Is this what it was about? Really?

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