Naming parks after Klan founders

Publius on Tennessee's Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park:

Given my upbringing, I have a higher tolerance for this crap than I should. I know, for instance, that many people view this stuff innocently from a subjective perspective (not defending, just explaining). I also draw the line at removing statues and other artwork. I didn't like it when the Taliban destroyed art it found distasteful, so I think old statues should remain too.

But naming a park is different. It just seems like a gratuitous insult that could be easily remedied without sacrificing art or history or whatever. Plus, it's Nathan Bedford Forrest. I mean, he was selected as the first Grand Wizard of the KKK for God's sake. I know there is some back and forth about Forrest's leadership role, but that's beside the point. He was selected as the Grand Wizard, clearly played a significant role in the early organization, and has become closely associated with it.

Tennessee taxpayers should be proud.