A lot more than Bobby Jindal. That's mostly because I've seen more of Huckabee. Dig this interview on Talk of the Nation. I disagree with Huckabee on just about everything. But he is the sort of dude, as I've said before, that (if he weren't running against Obama) would get a solid third of the black vote. That obviously won't be the case in 2012, but still Huckabee has a lot of cross-over appeal. He makes the same pitch as most religious conservatives, but without the mean and without the sarcasm. That doesn't quite get it. I need to think more. But the guy fucking scares me.

Dig this clip below where he discusses Blago and Obama. His style is, I must say, very Obama-like in this limited sense: Obama is a master at taking progressive stands, renaming them, and pushing the point forward. I remember after Katrina someone asked him if he thought Bush's response was racist. Obama smartly ducked arguing the failure was colorblind, but then pushed the case forward against Bush. The "Bush is racist" line was a loser, and the sort of thing you say when you're talking to people who already have your back. Much the same way, Hannity tries to push Huckabee to question Obama's motives in dealing with Blago. But Hannity's point is--as always--stupid and small-minded. Huckabee loses nothing by refusing to take it up. If anything, he probably gains some credibility. Think about Huckabee's answer on Wright. I think he has a good instinct for when to swing and when to duck.

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