In case anyone was wondering

This is what people are referring to in regards to Matt. I don't think I've ever seen anyone step in like that on a blog. I'm sympathetic to CAP's position, but I don't get the response. I don't think anyone thinks Ezra speaks for the American Prospect, per se. I know people don't think I speak for The Atlantic. I know CAP isn't a media organization, but still, it all seems sort of silly, and I really have no idea how they thought this would somehow help them. Here's Matt's  original post. Here's Andrew responding.

UPDATE: SG points us to this response by ThinkProgress, which is fine. The clarification in comments goes a little further. One thing I've found is that mistakes and hamfistedness are much more common in the world than deviousness and scheming. We often mistake the latter for the former. It's so much more likely that these guys blundered, than it is that the long arms of Third Way reached into Matt's blog. Nobody's perfect.