I've lost interest...

...in this left versus Obama scrap. I don't quite know why. It just doesn't feel like they're fighting over much. Anyway, if you're still watching this sort of thing. Here's Obama guy Steve Hildebrand addressing some of the criticism. Here's David Sirota responding. And here's a meh article from Politico. The whole thing is starting to feel petty.

UPDATE: Thinking on it some, and reading some of the stuff over at Open Left, I agree with a lot of what's been said here. "Left" is such a weak-ass, vague term. I have no idea what Hildebrand was trying to accomplish. It seems incomprehensible that he would do this without any communication with the Obama people, but TPM says they think that's what happened. His piece just seems like a march of the strawmen. If he wanted to go ofter Open Left, he should have done it.

That said, I'm not enthralled by what I'm reading over at Open Left either. I can't find a single discernible, actual issue that these guys are fighting over. Again, I have no fucking idea why Hildebrand thought he was helping anyone, anywhere--except maybe Chris Matthews, and lazy-ass journalists looking to fill the blanks for their formulaic stories. Hildebrand's interview with TPM is a flagon of weaksauce. But, again, all of this just feels petty.