Dumb, dumb and dumb. I know there's no proof that he offered him loot. But goddamn. He must have known how greasy this dude was. I really like Jesse too. Watch the video after the link. At least he's talking and not ducking behind lawyers.

I still hope it isn't him.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Tammy for the link. That e-mail me sign is there for a reason.

I think this comment, below, sums up my feelings:

That's just the thing. Someone like Jackson should have known Blago was radioactive. Hell, I knew just from reading the blogs and I live on the East Coast. For someone in Ill. Democratic political circles not to know it is just as astounding as Blago's conduct.

He should have kept his distance. Given the image of his father--rightly or wrongly--he should have stayed away from the dude. It sure seems like Valerie Jarrett knew the time...

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