Bobby Rush on CNN

Here's Rush arguing for the importance of a black senator. To which I respond--Nigga, please!!

I don't know if I've shifted politically or what. But after watching a black man named Barack Obama--who couldn't get into the Democratic convention eight years ago--win Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico and Colorado, my tolerance for Negroes claiming that we need an appointment like this--in this kind of situation--is zilch.

Look, I say this as a black dude obviously concerned about race in this country. If you want a black senator go out and do the work to get yourself one. Build the organizations, build the fund-raising, do a black version of Emily's List, if need be. At some point, you have to stop bitching about the track. You have to stop bitching about your hand-me-down spikes. At some point, you just have to go out and run. I have little tolerance for the racial grievances of upper-middle class blacks. Do for your damn self, and speak for your damn self. Keep my name out your mouth.

It is amazing to hear Rush make this argument, given that if left to him, there would be no black Senators anyway. Rush backed the very-white Blair Hull against Obama in 2004. Are these people serious?

UPDATE #2: After thinking about that update, I just want to reiterate--with authority--Nigga please!!