Here's the right governor speaking of Obama, who is, evidently, made of win:

He also appears to think little of the president-elect, whom he calls a "motherf***er" at one point.  

"F**k him," Blagjoveich says of Obama during a lengthy call with top aides and his wife recorded on November 10th, "For nothing? F**k him."

In another section of the complaint, Blagojevich expresses exasperation that Obama and his team aren't willing to offer him an inducement in exchange for appointing  an aide, apparently Valerie Jarrett, to the Senate. Blagojevich "said he knows that the President-elect wants Senate Candidate 1 for the Senate seat but 'they're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. F**k them,'" says the complaint.

In the words of Avon Barksdale, Governor, they seent your ghetto-ass coming from a mile away. I wonder if this is why Valerie Jarrett pulled out. I swear the last year has been one big blaxploitation flick. Without the guns. And without the white girls...

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